New lease agreement in Forskaren

June 20, 2022

Vectura and the co-working provider The Park have signed an agreement for 2 530sqm on the second floor of Forskaren on Hagaplan 1 in Hagastaden, Stockholm. The Park will focus on diversity and create collaboration between life science actors in the house and with the public. Withing its lease, The Park will establish approximately 270 workplaces divided into open workplaces and smaller office spaces to create diversity of companies in Forskaren. Within its lease, The Park will establish approximately 270 workplaces divided into open workplaces and smaller office spaces to create a variety and diversity of companies in Forskaren. The new establishment enables more meetings in the health sector through a new community and a creative place for collaborations. Vectura, which owns and runs the project Forskaren sees the investment as an opportunity to attract talent, students, researchers, scale-up companies and get them to collaborate with world-leading life science companies and together contribute to growth and innovation.

Forskaren will become a global hub for innovation right in the heart of Hagastaden, where academia, business, research and healthcare meet and collaborate. Within the round walls of the building, The Park will, during Q1 2024, establish its third co-working area in Stockholm, which will also be the company's first network with a life science profile. They will work to attract the best talent by, among other things, organizing events, contributing to learning, personal development and creating an ecosystem for innovation and a strong culture. Together with other actors in the house such as Urban Deli and the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology, in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet, Forskaren will be a welcoming place for everyone. A destination that arouses curiosity for sciences that aim to improve life and health. - We are incredibly happy about our initiated collaboration with The Park and the whole concept that is in line with what we were looking for to Forskaren. The Park's idea, which is based on meetings between people, is exactly what constitutes the vision for Forskaren to get people and activities to meet, collaborate and grow together. The Park, just like us, has high ambitions and wants to contribute to the whole of the house. I am convinced that Vectura together with The Park will be able to contribute to Hagastaden becoming one of the world's foremost areas for life science, says Micael Averborg, Business Development Manager at Vectura. - We are very happy and honored about this collaboration and we look forward to welcoming new and existing members to a fantastic work environment in Forskaren. We will offer a comprehensive range of services in a dynamic environment where networking, health and learning are a natural part of a working day, says Helena Rex, CEO at The Park. With a carefully designed concept, The Park has created a self-sustaining ecosystem within co-working that is focused on promoting development and growth in companies of all sizes. The Park offers a workplace that has everything under one roof. A professional relationship, a digital production, an inspiring meeting or personal service are close at hand. It creates the right conditions for good mental health and successful sustainable business. At The Park, a high degree of flexibility and dynamism is created, from start-ups to larger established companies. - We now look forward to continuing to develop the existing network of nearly 1,500 members and help build an even stronger community in Life Science, with new exciting companies and events at Forskaren and in Hagastaden, says Micke Ahlström, founder of The Park. The production of Forskaren is in progress and at present most of the façade is in place. The house is expected to be ready for occupancy at the turn of the year 2023 - 2024.

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