Pixelgen Technologies selects Forskaren in Hagastaden for continued growth

May 23, 2023

The biotechnology company Pixelgen Technologies AB, which develops groundbreaking life science tools for cell analysis, has signed a lease agreement for approximately 600 square meters of office and laboratory space on the sixth floor of Vectura's life science hub, Forskaren. The move to Forskaren will contribute to Pixelgen's growth and increased opportunity to expand both its research and development, as well as its production capacity in custom-designed facilities in the heart of the attractive Hagastaden, in collaboration with other stakeholders in Forskaren.

Pixelgen is a startup biotechnology company that develops protocols, reagents, and software for immune cell research. The company has expertise in several areas, including molecular cell biology, immunology, proteomics, as well as data analysis and software development. Pixelgen's goal is to develop innovative analysis tools that lead to a better understanding of biology, in both health and disease, through innovative research and development.

Pixelgen was founded in 2020 and has since experienced strong expansion by expanding its team in research, development, data analysis, production, sales, and marketing. The company is currently located at the KI Campus but will move to the approximately 600 square meters of new premises with both office and laboratory operations in Forskaren in April 2024.

- As we enter a new phase as a commercial company where we continue to expand, the need for larger and custom-designed facilities increases. For us, it was important to stay in the heart of where the majority of Sweden's cutting-edge research in medicine and technology development takes place, namely in the vicinity of Karolinska Institutet, SciLife, and KTH. We will have all of this with the move to Forskaren next year, says Simon Fredriksson, CEO of Pixelgen Technologies.

- Forskaren is the most sought-after place in Stockholm for life science companies, and it's incredibly exciting that a company as exciting and forward-thinking as Pixelgen has chosen to move in. They will be a perfect addition to Forskaren. We really look forward to welcoming Pixelgen to Forskaren and helping them continue to evolve and grow, along with all the other exciting tenants, says Micael Averborg, Business Development Manager at Vectura.

The 24,000 square meter Forskaren life science hub, located in Stockholm's growing district of Hagastaden, will become a natural hub for players in the life science sector, but also a gathering place for the general public with sustainable and innovative food from Urban Deli, as well as a new type of life science experience through the branch of the Technical Museum on the ground floor. Forskaren is expected to be completed by the turn of 2023-2024.

Pixelgen: Pixelgen Technologies AB was founded in 2020 by a group of passionate, experienced innovators, and entrepreneurs with a vision to deliver new spatial understanding to biology by mapping cell surface proteins and their spatial relationships. The company has developed Molecular Pixelation, a DNA-based technology for analyzing proteins on the cell surface to gain new insights into cellular activity that will lead to better medicines and diagnostics.

Vectura: Vectura is a real estate company that develops spaces for new advances through in-house production and long-term management. In our properties, we want Sweden's leading players in the life science sector to be inspired by new ideas, emotions, and solutions. With new ways of collaboration, new ways of building, and new ways of thinking, we create conditions for fruitful encounters. For companies, municipalities, and people engaged in care, life, and health. Our higher goal is to address humanity's future challenges.

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