Start of production of the neuron-inspired artwork for Forskaren by the Danish design studio Yoke

March 2, 2023

The construction of the 12 meter high light art installation Livsåren is now being built - a work inspired by the relationship between art, science and life. The artwork will hang centrally from the ceiling in Forskaren, Stockholm's new destination for life science. Behind the work is the Copenhagen-based design studio Yoke in collaboration with Vectura Fastigheter and the architectural firm 3XN. After almost two years of preparation, production has started and the artwork is planned to be installed this autumn 2023.

The artwork will be a natural reflection of development in life and health that characterizes Forskaren as a building but also Hagastaden as an area. The interactive light art installation becomes the heart of the building where sensors allow the artwork to change depending on the number of visitors inside the building. The work is based on the intersection between science, nature and art with the human experience in focus. The shape is inspired by veins, neurons and the network of the human body; cells, branching and roots from nature; algorithms, theses and visualizations from science. 

- We are happy to finally start the production of Livsåren! For almost 2 years, we have developed the artwork down to the smallest detail - through numerous prototypes, tests and discussions. So this is an important and happy milestone for the project and our collaboration with Vectura and 3XN and the whole team behind it says Simon Marxen, Creative Director & Partner at Yoke.   Together with Yoke, Vectura hopes to give those staying in the house a unique experience where the light constellation gets its energy from curious visitors and those who work in Forskaren. The shape of the artwork is inspired by neurons and consists of 8 long profiles with reflective surfaces that reflect the surroundings. Livsåren detects activity in real time and reflect it in the amount of light it animates. This means that the artwork is in constant change and the expression can during certain hours of the day be calm and slow and at other times energetic and powerful.  

- Livsåren will be the heart of Forskaren's atrium. An almost living organism connected to the building, to the people and to science. For us, it has been important that the artwork should have a clear connection to life science, just like the building in general. We have therefore focused on a solid process together with Yoke where we invited representatives from Karolinska Institute and Tekniska museet says Micael Averborg, Business Development Manager at Vectura.    Tekniska museet in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet will establish a branch in the building where the goal is to awake curiosity about technology, art and science in young people. The artwork Livsåren will be installed in the fall of 2023 and will be part of the experience when Forskaren opens at the turn of the year.  


In a world desperate for our attention, the greatest gift is presence in the moment. We believe in making space for experiences that leave you moved, enlightened, and curious for more. In making spaces that tell great stories through carefully chosen physical and digital effects. We want to engage, excite, surprise, and leave audiences with a lasting memory. We believe in making space for wonder. Yoke is an experience design studio that brings stories to life with digital media in unique physical spaces. We are storytellers, designers, creative technologists, and builders. We come from a strong digital tradition, and we continue to seek new technological territories and push the boundaries of what is possible.   


Since 1986, 3XN has been designing buildings across diverse typologies and scales, driven by the conviction that architecture should give something back ­— to people, to communities, and to our planet. In 2007, recognising the need for a more integrated approach to sustainability, 3XN founded an independent innovation company GXN. The mission of GXN is simple, to help make buildings that are better for the planet and better for the people using them. 


Inside Hagastaden's signature building, ideas, feelings and solutions that do not exist today will soon exist. 1,700 employees must have inspiring and fruitful meetings and workspaces of 24,000 flexible square meters for offices and co-working. On the entrance level, other activities, for example the Technical Museum together with KI, will invite the public to participate in the development of the life science of the future, through exhibitions and labs. Forskaren is expected to be completely ready at the turn of the year 2023 - 2024. Our plan is to manage it for 100 years. Starting with. 


Vectura is a property company that develops spaces for new progress through own production and long-term management. At least 100 years, we usually say. In our properties, we want Sweden's leading players in the life science sector to be inspired by new ideas, emotions and solutions. With new ways of collaborating, new ways of building and new ways of thinking, we create the conditions for fruitful meetings. For companies, municipalities and people who are involved in care, life and health. Our higher goal is to meet humanity's future challenges. Our long-term commitment is guaranteed by our owners, Patricia Industries, part of Investor. 

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