Stockholm’s new life science-hub Forskaren – ready in less than a year

January 11, 2023

Forskaren, which will become Hagastaden’s new destination for life science, is ready for occupancy in December 2023. In the heart of Stockholm’s new science city on Hagaplan 1 world leading companies will move in and contribute to the new sustainable meeting place within innovation and development. The 24 000 sq.m. round building will include everything from office, labs, and co-working to a showroom and clinic. The public will be invited to take part in Urban Deli’s new establishment and The National Museum of Science and Technology will open a new branch in cooperation with Karolinska Institutet. The rental rate in Forskaren measures up to 70%, and the interest for the rest of the vacant premises is very high.

In August 2018 Vectura Fastigheter got the land instruction for the neighborhood Forskaren, in central Hagastaden, from Stockholms Stad. The production of Forskaren started in October 2020 and has since then been going according to the expected timetable. Stockholms Stad requested an attractive and living building, which Vectura has taken into account by creating a living building for not only the tenants but also the public.

In Forskaren, science, academia, and business gather together with the public through restaurants and various cultural experiences in the building. Urban Deli will establish a new unit with a combination of a grocery store, market hall, restaurant, and bar which will be open Monday to Sunday. The National Museum of Science and Technology will open a branch in cooperation with Karolinska Institutet, a unit that will aim to awaken the interest in life science and innovation.

- It’s amazing to know that the production with Forskaren has been going so well and that we’re ready for move-in, in less than a year. The businesses that will move in are extremely fain of providing our vision with Forskaren. I’m looking forward to seeing the final pieces of the puzzle fall into place and seeing a completed building at the end of this year. Forskaren will create life in Hagastaden and in a natural way bond science, academia, and business, says Micael Averborg, Head of Business Development at Vectura.

The tenants in Forskaren consists of world-leading business within the life science sector. By the turn of the year 2022-2023, the rental rate in Forskaren was 70% with the tenants Elekta, ABC Labs, ITBMed, Sand Clinic, Atlas Antibodies, Urban Deli, The National museum of Science and Technology and The Park. The Park will provide co-working areas in the building and focus on promoting development and growth in the business of different sizes in life science. The establishment of The Park includes both community and co-working which contributes to the feeling of Forskaren as Hagastaden’s new living room where the exchange of ideas and experiences enables people in the field. Under one roof meetings can take place during breakfast, an event, an exhibition, or an inspirational lecture, every day of the week.

- Atlas Antibodies move into a new headquarter is a significant step in our progressive growth strategy. At Forskaren we can benefit from new state-of-the-art facilities and a stimulating scientific environment – just as we will contribute to making Forskaren a vibrant and progressive hub for commercial biotech and health science. Forskaren has the perfect prerequisites for collaboration between businesses within the same field, says Group CEO Nille Klæbel of Atlas Antibodies.

Forskaren is characterized by the circular and inviting figuration that the Danish architects at 3XN stand behind. The building has a significant open atrium that is available through two entrances. One from Norra Stationsparken and the other close to Karolinska Sjukhusets main entrance but also the new yellow-line subway. In the atrium, you’re welcomed by the 26-meter-high spiral staircase that is supposed to encourage tenants and visitors to move. The staircase is one of many initiatives in the certification WELL Building Standard, a certification that aims to provide better health and well-being. Forskaren is also certified with LEED Platinum which is the highest certification within the construction industry. This refers to measuring sustainable design, construction, drift, and maintenance.

Stockholm's new life science centre

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