Urban Deli invests in a new establishment in Hagastaden, moves into Forskaren

February 8, 2022

By the turn of the year 2023 - 2024, the doors will open to a new Urban Deli in Stockholm's new life science center, Forskaren in Hagastaden. Vectura Fastigheter and Urban Deli has recently signed an agreement for the lease of approximately 1 500 square meters in Forskaren. Here, innovative food and sustainability will be prioritized. Urban Deli’s presence in Forskaren will create more life and movement, which goes hand in hand with Forskaren’s ambition to create a natural venue that contributes to better health and well-being.

Urban Deli’s unit is a combination of the grocery store, restaurant, and bar and this will open on Forskaren’s first floor. The ambition is to create a living venue with a great assortment of food for all waking hours of the day, from freshly baked bread in the morning to after work late at night. Urban Deli in Forskaren will create a welcoming atmosphere with food that is satisfying both for humans and the environment.

-         Urban Deli has from the very beginning been the restauranteur that we’ve had on our wish list. They contribute exceedingly to our vision in the building and Hagastaden. Urban Deli and Forskaren will create the new living room for Hagastaden in Stockholm, says Micael Averborg, business development manager for commercial properties at Vectura. The ambition is to create a destination where residents, visitors, and workers in and around Forskaren will be able to enjoy Urban Deli’s wide offer of food and delis. Urban Deli’s concept and fundamental idea are based on a vision of a simpler, tastier, and happier food life with food that’s good for your soul and the planet. Hopefully, the new Urban Deli will provide visitors with cultivated products from the rooftop of Forskaren.

-         It’s so exciting that we’ve been able to finalize this investment! This is a place where a great mix of people – academia, business, and public. We are sure that Urban Deli Forskaren will become Hagastaden’s most living venue. Innovation, sustainability, and health are all significant and this will provide a happier food life – regardless if you choose to eat in the restaurant or take away goods home, says Dan Jacobsson CEO of Urban Deli.

Forskaren in Hagasten will gather approximately 1 700 coworkers and provide 24 000 square meters of co-working spaces for companies with operation towards science and innovation for people’s life and health. On the entrance floor, The National Museum of Science and Technology together with Karolinska Institutet will invite the development of future life science with exhibitions and a laboratory. The leading medical device company, Elekta, will not only establish their operation on the second floor but will also have a showroom on the entrance floor. The building will also have spaces for events, seminars, and exhibitions. Forskaren is expected to be completed in Q4 year 2024.

Stockholm's new life science centre

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