Vectura Fastigheter chooses 3XN Architects for Forskaren, and begins collaboration with Sweden’s Science and Technology Museum

January 30, 2020

The selected entry by 3XN Architects was presented during a launch event on 30 January. The project includes producing the new life science centre, Forskaren, in the new Stockholm district of Hagastaden. Alongside the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology, space is also being created for audience experiences in the field of life science. “We are delighted with 3XN’s entry, and are pleased that the design facilitates Forskaren’s vision of being an innovation partner for life and health,” says Micael Averborg, Head of Business Development at Vectura Fastigheter.

The parallel architect assignment ran during autumn 2019, the participating agencies being 3XN, DinellJohansson, White and Tengbom. Final presentations by the participating architects were made at the end of November, and the assessment group finally settled on 3XN’s proposal as it best matched Vectura’s programme description.

Collaboration with Science and Technology Museum Another highlight during the launch event was the announcement that Vectura Fastigheter is starting a prestigious collaboration with the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology. The entrance level of the Forskaren centre will feature an exhibition in association with the museum, and planning is in full swing. The exhibition is expected to attract residents, workers and students in the area, as well as visitors from outside, thus helping to make Hagastaden a vibrant city district and destination.

“Collaboration with the Science and Technology Museum is crucial in keeping our promise and meeting Hagastaden’s vision of being a world-class science district,” says Micael Averborg, Head of Business Development at Vectura Fastigheter.

“We need places where we can meet and talk about our common future. In an age of rapid technological development, it’s more relevant than ever for the research and business worlds to engage with a wider audience, to have a place where new perspectives come to light and can be explored. Forskaren will be just such a place,” says Peter Skogh, Museum Director at the Museum of Science and Technology.

Forskaren offers flexible office spaces and creative concepts in an area that is also home to some of the world’s most interesting players in life science. At 24,000 square metres, Forskaren will play a key role in the area, a place where collaboration can thrive. In addition to flexibility and creativity, the spaces are also heavily focused on the latest developments in food and drink.

Stockholm's new life science centre

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