Villa Clinic moves into Forskaren

February 10, 2022

The health care of the future moves into Vectura's property Forskaren. At the beginning of 2024, Villa Clinic will open its first clinic of 1,000 sq. m. of preventive care operations in the middle of the life science hub on Hagaplan 1, where business, academia, and healthcare meet. Villa Clinic will combine new technologies and treatment methods, which is in line with Forskaren's ambition to contribute to a modern meeting place around science and health.

- For us, it is important that those who choose to move into Forskaren are innovators who have the ambition to become world leaders in their field. We strongly believe in Villa Clinic's concept and that they will contribute to an exciting meeting place in life science, says Micael Averborg, Business Unit Manager Commercial, at Vectura.

Through prevention and precision medicine, Villa Clinic offers a holistic concept for longevity and is aimed at both a Swedish and international audience. Villa Clinic operates at the intersection between preventive care and traditional medical care and uses the latest technology and data to optimize health over time.

- It feels exciting to be part of such an important destination with the potential to become a world-leading hub in life science. Villa Clinic's offer is based on a holistic view of health, which presupposes daily collaboration between different professions and competencies. Forskaren offers us a perfect environment for both internal and external collaboration. We are convinced that we will see groundbreaking innovation from the actors who populate Forskaren, say the founders of Villa Clinic.

Villa Clinic

From a holistic perspective on health and the individual, Villa Clinic will create an environment and way of working that enables a paradigm shift around preventive care models. This means that the business through the development and use of methods can identify the probability and reduce the risk of an individual developing illness during their lifetime. Villa Clinic offers person-specific and health-promoting services that will detect health abnormalities and enable lasting lifestyle change. In Forskaren, Villa Clinic, together with other actors in life science, will be given the opportunity to collaborate and create new conditions for modern health care. In a property with the highest environmental certification and focus on people and health, both customers and staff will thrive.


Forskaren will contribute to a world-class city of science by creating a creative meeting place for talents and innovators in life science. The building will offer 24,000 sqm of flexible offices, common areas, and the latest in smart food and drink. At the street level, research and business meet a broad public. Here, events, lectures, and exhibitions will challenge our ingrained ideas and performances. Future Hagaplan will be a living place regardless of the day of the week or morning or evening.

About Vectura

Vectura is a real estate company that develops properties for its own long-term management. We operate in the segments of community properties and commercial properties, where we focus on continued growth and develop care and nursing homes, care properties, and offices for our own ownership. Our property portfolio consists of modern and newly produced properties, as well as innovative property development projects with a focus on care, life, and health. Vectura is owned by Patricia Industries, which is part of Investor.

About Villa Clinic

Villa Clinic is a healthcare company that develops and offers methods for optimizing health. The company is founded by Dr. Jennie Sandqvist and Anna Levander, who, starting in Stockholm, has the ambition to open additional health destinations over time with a focus on prevention and precision medicine, where the root causes of aging and disease are investigated and treated.

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