Yet another world-leading company to be based in Forskaren. Vectura in leasing agreement with Atlas Antibodies

November 22, 2022

The real estate company Vectura has recently signed a leasing agreement with the Swedish biomedical company Atlas Antibodies. The agreement applies to 1 700 sqm. office- and lab environment in Forskaren in Stockholm’s new life science district Hagastaden, where Atlas Antibodies will establish their new head office. Atlas Antibodies is a leading global provider of antibodies for biomedical research. Atlas Antibodies will move into Forskaren during the second quarter of 2024 and will contribute to Vectura’s vision of a meeting place where innovative collaborations will occur.

The Swedish company Atlas Antibodies provides innovative and high-quality solutions to researchers around the world based on its expertise and unique heritage. The company was founded in 2006 in conjunction with the project Human Protein Atlas. This project is a unique world-leading effort to create a complete map of human protein expression and localization in normal tissues, cancers, and cell lines. Atlas Antibodies’ new head office of 1 700 sqm in Forskaren will include both office space and laboratories.

In the heart of Hagastaden, Forskaren creates a unique venue for business, academia, and research. At the entrance of Forskaren, the public gets invited to Urban Deli and The National Museum of Science and Technology’s new establishments. Forskaren will become the new destination for ideas and knowledge exchange with the other life science tenants in the building.

- It feels great to have a world-leading company like Atlas Antibodies choosing Forskaren for their new head office. Atlas Antibodies will provide yet another life science business that fulfills our vision with the building; to save lives. We're confident that their presence in the building will continue to strengthen Forskaren as a venue and a collaboration arena, with the other tenants, says Micael Averborg, Head of Business Development at Vectura.

- For Atlas Antibodies the move into a new headquarter is a significant step in our progressive growth strategy. At Forskaren we can benefit from new state-of-the-art facilities and a stimulating scientific environment – just as we will contribute to making Forskaren a vibrant and progressive hub for commercial biotech and health science, says Group CEO Nille Klæbel of Atlas Antibodies.

Forskaren is calculated to be fully developed by the fourth quarter of 2023 when the first tenants are expected to move in. Atlas Antibodies’ move-in will be by the second quarter of 2024.

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