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Do you work in life science and want to be part of the Forskaren community? Forskaren offers co-working, sustainable offices from 50 people with large floors that enable flexibility. By booking a meeting with our expert advisors today, you have the opportunity for more influence on the design of your future office according to your company's needs.

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90% progress

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Our different floors

Our different floors

Are you interested in becoming part of Forskaren? Here you can see an overview of the building's different floors. We are happy to tell you more about which premises are available today.

Your innovation partner

A social meeting place for gamechangers and innovators

Forskaren is a creative and social arena for talents and innovators in life and health. A place where you meet and share ideas during a breakfast seminar, in the lunch restaurant or at the after work.

Forskaren is the meeting place for 1,700 employees that offer 24,000 sqm of flexible offices, co-working, common areas, space for events, lectures, exhibitions and art. There is room here for both small and large organizations that want to offer an exciting everyday life for their employees.

Grow in the heart of Hagastaden

A node for business, academia and research

Forskaren is located in the heart of the world's foremost areas of life science – Hagastaden. It is an inner city part where Stockholm and Solna meet. Within a radius of five kilometers are half of the region's life science companies. World-leading education and research is also conducted here at Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital.

At Hagaplan 1 Forskaren invites professionals as well as a curious public. You can easily get here by bus, train and the new yellow subway line. The house has access to Hagastaden's parking and for those who want to take the bike, Forskaren offers 400 bicycle parking spaces.

The sustainable circular house

A house that wants well for people and climate

In Forskaren, we create indoor spaces that contribute to better health and well-being. We do this by certifying the building according to The WELL Building Standard. WELL is a roadmap for improving the quality of areas such as air, light, nourishment, materials and movement.

We have a long-term perspective inorder to contribute to counteracting climate change. We choose materials that provide lower CO2 emissions in the value chain, we reduce the energy through solar cells on the roof and we certify the building according to the highest level LEED Platinum.

Science for everyone by Tekniska

Open doors, open minds

The street level in Forskaren will be open to the public and offer events, lectures and exhibitions that challenge our ingrained ideas. Tekniska museet will open a new place to visualize Swedish research. Everyone who is curious about and wants to know more about life science is welcome here. The vibrant street level will also offer the latest in smart food that will contribute to a modern meeting place for science.

When we have guests, when Nobel Prize winners visit camus, maybe this is the first place we invite them to.

Ole Petter Ottersen Former President, Karolinska Institutet

Urban Deli, Forskaren

The future of food is always on the plate at Forskaren. In Forskaren you will be able to eat food that is good for both you soul and the planet. The food will be presented by Urban Deli in their 1 500 sqm restaurant, grocery store and deli.


The co-working areas in Forskaren will be facilitated by The Park. Here is the place for start-ups as well as the company with big ambitions or growth plans! Share knowledge and participate in events together with other prominent companies at Forskaren.

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