A strong centre for academic knowledge, industry and healthcare

Forskaren is located in the heart of the world's foremost areas of life science - Hagastaden. Within a radius of five kilometers are half of the region's life science companies. World-leading education and research is also conducted here at Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital. Hagastaden is where Stockholm meets Solna with apartments and workplaces, cultural attractions and green areas. At Hagaplan 1 Forskaren invites professionals as well as a curious public.

Forskaren, in the heart of Hagastaden

Distance from Forskaren to ...

Subway (Hagastaden)
200 m
Railway (Odenplan)
800 m
Long distance train (Stockholm C)
3 km
Bromma Airport
6 km
Arlanda Airport
38 km

Hagastaden in numbers

New homes

6 000

Work places

50 000



Getting here

Five minutes from Stockholm Central Station

Train station, with four exits, several bus lines and the new yellow subway line with a station next to Forskaren will make getting here easy wherever you travel from. Hagastaden is also being planned to enable the best possible alternatives for pedestrians, cyclists and local transit. The house also has access to a garage and for those who want to take the bike, Forskaren offers 400 bike parking spaces.

Stay as long as you want

Hagastaden grows with you

Restaurants, hotels and art galleries. Pre-schools, pharmacies, parks and gyms. Student hangouts and retirement homes. And also close to green areas such as the adjacent Norrastationsparken, Hagaparken and Karlberg. Hagadstaden will be a modern city neigbourhood, caring for the needs of its residents and visitors, whether they spend the day or a lifetime.

The place where Forskaren is located is extremely central. It will be an opportunity for individuals and patients to take part in new opportunities and innovations.

Jenni Nordborg Head of the Office of Life Science

Stockholm's new life science centre

Join us at Forskaren! Grow your business and ideas in an environment designed to nurture creativity, innovation and progress.