New lease agreement in Forskaren - 1 600 sq m to ABC Labs

July 11, 2022

The real estate company Vectura has signed a new lease agreement with ABC Labs for a 1 600 sq m office and lab environment in Forskaren, Hagastaden. Through scalable and automated infrastructure, ABC Labs has since its inception in March 2020 grown into one of Sweden's largest clinical laboratories. The company is now further developing its operations and will in the spring of 2024 move into Forskaren on level 5.

ABC Labs offers efficient and innovative diagnostics. They set up an infrastructure that combines diagnostics and software to, among other things, make self-sampling available, enable continuous monitoring of chronic diseases and create smart screening programs.

- It is very exciting that ABC Labs is moving into Forskaren! Their business fits perfectly into our vision with the building and we look forward to supporting their further development as a company well rooted in research. We are convinced that their establishment will create a perfect dynamic with the remaining tenants and thereby achieve our vision that Forskaren will be a meeting place that gives actors in the house the opportunity to collaborate, says Micael Averborg, Business Development Manager at Vectura.

- ABC collaborates with researchers and healthcare to build and disseminate new technology that can make diagnostics more accurate, efficient and accessible. Forskaren with its placement in the heart of Swedish health-tech's innovation ecosystem, is the perfect place for us to build our future, amidst sometimes world-class research and entrepreneurship at the absolute forefront globally, says Ahsan Amjad, CEO of ABC Labs.

Forskaren Forskaren in Hagastaden will gather approximately 1,700 employees and offer 24,000 sqm of flexible offices and co-working spaces for companies with activities aimed at science and innovation for people's lives and health. At the entrance level, other activities such as the Technical Museum together with KI will invite you to participate in the development of future life science through exhibitions and labs. The researcher is expected to be fully completed during the fourth quarter of 2023.

ABC Labs ABC Labs was started as a direct response to the challenges posed by the covid pandemic in early spring 2020. In collaboration with the Swedish Public Health Agency and a majority of the Regions, ABC Labs has conducted more than 3 million tests, up to 25%, of all covid testing in Sweden . During the pandemic, ABC Labs has, in addition to PCR testing, performed mutation screening, antibody testing, T cell and immunity testing and sequencing. ABC Labs was the first in Sweden to set up mass testing for both the Delta and Omikron variants of Covid-19 and the first in Europe to launch immunity through T-cell testing. At the same time, ABC has developed software to manage the internal lab operations, monitor quality indicators and for reporting epidemiological trends.

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